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Everyone has a story inside them

just waiting to be shared.

As a young lady I dreamed of becoming an author, not a pharmacist. My earthly father chose pharmacy for me. My heavenly Father chose writing, which has been a huge part of my faith journey. After decades of detoured dreams, with God’s help,
I have published six award winning books, including two Top-New Releases: a Bible study and a devotional.

Delight Drizzled Days

Does life feel heavy? Need more Delight?

Does life feel heavy?

Need more Delight?

Delight Drizzled Days: Sweet devotions for abundant living.
If you’re hungry for hope and want to find Christ in the chaos of your days
this story-based devotional will lighten your load.

You're Invited To The Table

Do you ever feel unloved or uninvited?

Take some time to see how God loves you and invites you to His table.

Windows Of Wonder

Do you do windows?

Though your kitchen window may be smudged and splattered like mine, God wants to sharpen our spiritual vision so we can see Him clearly. Paired with scripture, this devotional will help you enjoy whimsical wonder.

Glimmers Of Glory

Do you ever feel ordinary?

Do you ever feel no more special than a solitary droplet of rain in a storm?
God looks at you and me and sees us as his unblemished daughters.
He looks at our lives and sees how bent and broken moments can
form perfect prisms, blooming in arcs of color.

Always Uplifting

Do you need a one-minute way
to uplift your day?

Each half-page devotional in Always Uplifting is easy to read and offers a short, suggested Bible reading. Center your thoughts on God and let Him be caffeine for your soul along with your coffee, or a calming presence with your bedtime tea.

Diamonds In Our Days

When life is hard, do you question God?

At those times, where do you go and what do you do? In this story-based devotional, Lisa uses humor paired with faith to deliver healthy doses of hope.

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